Betrayal - Diêu Tư Đình (Yao Si Ting)

Bài hát: Betrayal - Yao Si Ting (Diêu Tư Đình)

My love has gone away,
quietly after a hundered days.
This is what's she has always said she won't stay
for more than what she can repay.

I can still hear her say there
that I'm not hearing tender play
The day she let me kiss her was a display,
of love to those who she betray.

How can I put someone to the test,
when I thought I got the best.
Untill the taste of bitterness then I regret
but still that I won't detest,
the love I can't forget,
like someone who has left.

How can i leave someone for the rest
when i'm alone facing the best
Untill the taste of treachery then I regret.
But still that i won't detest
who i can never forget
like someone i once met ..

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